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CheckM8 is a tax preparation and financial service, which helped a lot of people file their taxes and get their maximum refund since our launch in Cerritos Branch. In this blog post, we’ll share the new details and information for CheckM8’s new branch in Los Angeles so you can tell and recommend your relatives and friends near the new branch.

What Services Does the LA Branch Offer?

CheckM8 provides several services, including tax preparation services, bookkeeping services, insurance, and more. The LA branch also offers new company registration and payroll services so that we can help you get started in business or have the peace of mind that your employees are being paid correctly. Here is the complete list of services CheckM8 offers:

  • Tax Preparation Service

  • Bookkeeping Service

  • Insurance

  • Financial Planning

  • New Company Registration

  • Payroll

CheckM8 tax

Customer Service in the LA Branch?

We are able to provide better customer service through our new website because it is more personalized. We are also more efficient in terms of operations because of this. For more information and details, ChecM8 Los Angeles Branch can be reached out through the following:

Book an appointment:

Customer Service Email:

Address: 217 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Phone Number: (213) 394-5871

Get a Head Start on Your Tax Return by Opening Your Account with CheckM8 Today

With this year’s tax season just around the corner, it is important to get a head start on your tax return by creating your account with CheckM8 today. To create an account with CheckM8 Tax, follow this 3 easy steps:  

  1. Visit
  2. Click “My Account”
  3. Fill in details under “Register” and submit

You will be receiving a confirmation email from us and you can now use your account to upload and download tax documents. That’s right! No need to e-mail us. Our new website makes it easier for you to send and receive your tax documents because we want everything to be more convenient for our customers.

No need to worry this tax season because CheckM8 will help you organize and prepare for your taxes. It’s easy to use, fast and secure. Kindly follow our social media accounts as well for more updates and information:


Instagram: @checkm8

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